Monday, March 26, 2012

Jelly alert

 This one is PIA to photograph. It's neon jelly and its orangey pink. The color varies with the lightning very much. It's called Bright alert and it's part of Essence limited edition Season of extremes. Whole collection is just nail polishes and this is the only one I got. Duos aren't very interesting and I didn't want to pay more for the same 8 mL (2x4 mL) as in the regular polishes. 

This one is with top coat and shot in the sun. It dries dull so if you want shiny top coat is a must.

This one is in artificial light also with top coat. The nail line is very visible even more in RL than in pictures. If I remember correctly this is 4 coats. On the up side they dry pretty quickly even without a fast drying top coat. Even though I don't like visible nail line I know I'll be wearing this polish a lot this summer and I think it will be perfect for jelly sandwiches, I cannot wait to try that :)


  1. da, neonci su običo PIA :-p
    ali neloše izgleda, dolazi ljeto pa ćeš ga nanosat ;-D

  2. I don't like visible nail line either, but the color looks very bright and cheerful anyway. I love to wear neons in the summer months :)
    Unfortunately I haven't seen this Essence line on sale here yet..

  3. Ne volim jelly finiš, a preko bijelog mi se uvijek vide crte. Lijep je neonac, imam sličan Gabrini :D

  4. Most of the time VNL doesn't annoy me :). I like how this nail polish looks on your nails!

  5. joj ja sam alergicna na te linije nokta! uzas! probaj prvo stavit neki narancasti lak pa onda jedan sloj ovoga, trebalo bi bit jos jarkije :) i ja uvijek lovim te neonce, al najbolji je no.17 koji sam osvojila u nekom giveawayu!


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