Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue eyes

I haven't showed you any eye make up in a while, so when I did this blue one I thought this is a nice one that I could show you. Lately I usually wear softer colors that don't really show much on pictures so I don't think they are good to show you.

All pictures are in natural day light. I used blue and dark blue eyeshadow and dark blue eye pencil. With hooded eyes there is really not much point in doing a lot of work in the crease because it's not visible and it quickly blends with the rest because of the blinking :)

I don't know how much this pictures show it but the darker eyeshadow is in the outer corner of the eye

And both eyes since I'm still not comfortable enough to put a picture of the whole face. On the lips I had nude pinkish lipstick and a warm brown toned blush. I hope you like it :) I have a lot of polishes to show you but somehow I still don't have decent pictures of the, will work on that in the next days. 


  1. nice :-D
    vidim, imaš i ti bore smijalice i sunčalice, sviđaju mi se :-D

    1. je i ja tvrdim da su smijalice a ne od neceg drugog ^_^

  2. Divno...

    Za hooded eyes te razumijem, ali kad čarobno zatrepćemo... :D


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