Saturday, February 4, 2012

We had some really good times, didn't we?

I've been waiting for this polish for a while and now I'm not disappointed. This is Confetteria from Essence Crazy good times collection. I wanted the silver glitter too but it was already sold out. 

Bottle pic with one thing that's unavoidable these days, snow :)

First of all pics don't do this polish justice. This is with top coat in natural lightning. It lacks a hint of purple that it has in RL. This is blue and purple hexagon glitter with smaller blue, green and orange glitter particles in  opaque indigo colored base. 

Other bloggers that have already swatched it complained about the smell and consistency, unfortunately I have to agree with them. It smells like superglue and consistency is similar to superglue and more strokes you do it starts to behave like glue that is getting dry. I bet they put some acrilate in it, I hope it won't cause problems with removal. And another downside it chips pretty fast :( It has so many problems but it's so beautiful that i have to forgive them

Artistic swatch =) I hope you are somewhere warm tonight :)


  1. Hoooćuuuuuuuu i ja. I snijeg i lak :mama:

    1. dodji i nosi koliko te volja, snijega ne laka ^_^

  2. Šteta što je tako loš, divna je boja!

  3. divan je! uspjela sam se dočepati cijele kolekcije ;)))))))

  4. ali kad ovako dobro izgleda treba mu sve oprostit ;-D
    na mom blogu te čeka par nagrada, preuzmi ih :-D

  5. This collection wasn't released in Italy, but I have this blue and the pink one on the way to my Helmer :D
    Can't wait to have them *_*

  6. you'll enjoy them, they are pretty I wanted the silver one but I wasn't quick enough to catch it


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