Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So blue I could drown in it

Since I've bought it it has become one of my favorite polishes, of course it's blue. It's really sparkly and gorgeous. Well I'll let the pictures talk


No top coat, in the sun. It's little on the sheer side so two thicker or three thinner coats, but it's not a problem since it dries quickly. It goes by very original name of Flormar-431

No top coat, in the shade, this line contains 11 mL. Sorry for the slight tip wear. I hope that tomorrow I'll get my laptop back so all is well :) I'm still enjoying my holidays and I hope that first work week of the year treats you well ^_^


  1. sviđa mi se boja, mislim da polako prelazim u plavu fazu

  2. ajme meni, pregenijalna boja *.*

  3. Ohhh, gorgeous colour, really unique blue. Love how it sparkles in the sun! x


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