Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red-y, set, go...

This baby is going away from the regular line this spring, so I wanted to show it to you before it's discontinued so you can still buy it if you want to have it before it's gone. It's Essence-Red-y to go 

In shade with top coat. This is the first photo that I snapped and than the bottle just slipped trough my fingers and crashed on the floor

so this and a small spill happened, but I managed to save some and make it into a franken so it's not that terrible news

Another one in the shade where you can see slight duochrome that the shimmer has

and one in the sun. I'm in a hurry today so this is it :)


  1. A, tukaj je ;)

    Na predzadnji sliki si ga zares dobro ujela!

  2. Lepotec! <3 Tega nujno rabim!

  3. aaa, baš mi se čini svečan :-D

  4. lijepa ljetnja crvena boja, nadam se da će biti sniženje proizvoda koji izlaze iz ponude

  5. Prelepa nijansa, bas mi se svidja :)


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