Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silver on black

I don't have time so just a quick photo, I made this for a forum contest and the theme was layering. I was thinking for a while but then everything seemed too simple, but when in doubt and with lack of time simple is way to go. So already mentioned Essence-Rock&roll older version + Essence-Berlin story.

One coat of both polishes, shot in sunlight. Simple black and silver, but I really liked how it shined :) No more time today I hope next time I'll have more time 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Most worn polishes tag

 I've been slightly busy these days so I didn't manage to post anything. I don't think I would post anything today but Biberlee tagged me with the most worn polishes tag. So I quickly searched my stash and took these ones out and snapped few photos just to show you. First two pictures are my absolutely most worn polishes (except the ones I already finished and don't have a bottle anymore, or it is made into a franken.

Left to right:  London's weather forecast (have a back up bottle and still no swatch XD), Wild Berry Sorbet, Glisten up (have a back up), Choose me (thinking about buying it again and hopefully swatching it then ^_^), Enchanted fairy(still haven't swatched it and it thickened XD)

Again left to right: Rock&roll (first version), Rock&roll (second version), Forget-me-not (have a back up bottle), Sold out forever, Party blue, Five pocket grey (want a dupe)

And this is a picture of my favorite that I wore the most (and not cherished them and kept them to look at ^_^) left to right: Berlin story, Blue my mind, Splash refresh, Chuck, Once upon a time, Love this city, 427 (have a back up, that is slightly different than this one).  Of course here should be included Five pocket grey, Forget-me-not and London Weather Forecast already pictured above :) I know many of you already did this tag so if you haven't been tagged I tag YOU ^_^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red-y, set, go...

This baby is going away from the regular line this spring, so I wanted to show it to you before it's discontinued so you can still buy it if you want to have it before it's gone. It's Essence-Red-y to go 

In shade with top coat. This is the first photo that I snapped and than the bottle just slipped trough my fingers and crashed on the floor

so this and a small spill happened, but I managed to save some and make it into a franken so it's not that terrible news

Another one in the shade where you can see slight duochrome that the shimmer has

and one in the sun. I'm in a hurry today so this is it :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here in Dubrovnik sunsets are piece of art and I adore watching them... I wanted to capture a little bit of magic...

...and show it to you <3

And for the end one of the old manis that I haven't showed you. Base is Catrice Blue cara ciao and I stamped with Essence Chuck if I remember correctly, with top coat, under artificial light

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something red

 This was my New years touch of red which you could see on  my thumb. Now here is a better swatch and a full mani. It's called Passion red and it's by Oriflame. I "stole" this from my mother because I liked the color so I didn't know what to expect quality-wise.

 Two coats, no top coat on all pictures, this one is in pretty shy sunlight

These two are in the shade. Drying time was good, you can still see some visible nail line, but it's more visible on the pictures than in real life. 

It's beautiful darker red, a little lighter than in the bottle and the application can be slightly uneven, due to the texture, but mostly to the brush

And here is the brush, for me it's terrible, too wide for my nails especially my pinky, it's uneven and it's hard to work with. That's all for tonight I'm not feeling very perky so I'll soon go to sleep -_-

Monday, January 9, 2012

Essence plate

This is just a quick and unplanned one. I've just bought this Essence nail plate at Kozmo drugstore in Dubrovnik, so if you are looking for this plate go look to your local Kozmo they might be waiting for you.

I've searched for quite some time for this one, specially because of the three designs in the middle row :) It's called 01 Be creative like the other ones and it comes with a stamp and a scraper so look carefully inside to see which plate is it. I can't wait to make some awesome manicures with this one \0_0/

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd overdose

You've already seen this one but this version is 10x better :)  It's LA Girl Overdose

This is in shade, with top coat, four coats on two coats of silver foil polish. Thank god for the foil method <3 p="p">

It was freezing yesterday when I took these pictures but I couldn't resist showing you this sunset, the sky was so pretty :D I hope you like these bigger pictures even though they show every little flaw on my hands ^_^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So blue I could drown in it

Since I've bought it it has become one of my favorite polishes, of course it's blue. It's really sparkly and gorgeous. Well I'll let the pictures talk


No top coat, in the sun. It's little on the sheer side so two thicker or three thinner coats, but it's not a problem since it dries quickly. It goes by very original name of Flormar-431

No top coat, in the shade, this line contains 11 mL. Sorry for the slight tip wear. I hope that tomorrow I'll get my laptop back so all is well :) I'm still enjoying my holidays and I hope that first work week of the year treats you well ^_^

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year's eve gold and red

I'm just here to wish you a happy, good, healthy and beautiful new year :) Let 2012. treat you well. This was my New year's eve mani. It's not perfect and cleaned up and there are dents and smears but last year was like that sparkly and pretty but not perfect. 

Polishes used Golden Rose-143, Oriflame-Passion red and Essence-Make it golden, no top coat, in shade.
I hope you had a nice time last time, this year I was at home with my family and we had a quiet nice celebration. I haven't done that in a while so it was a welcome change. Now, well let's rock this 2012.