Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Purple rain

Last few months I've wanted a cream purple polish, a real purple not oh I'm so dark I almost look like black  in every other lightning other than bright sun. Since I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores only option I had was to take everything in my own hands and franken something

and this is what came out, color is little bit darker than Milka purple. First two pics are in the sun without top coat, and color is more like on the first picture. 

I used S-he dark purple cream polish, remains of Essence-Date me  and a plain white from Carlo di Roma which I always use to lighten some color and its really runny so when I mix it with thicker polishes they have nice texture afterwards.

Artificial light no top coat. Thing with frankens is that you need to shake, shake, shake to get homogeneous color or you'll get lighter and darker streaks during your application

And this is artificial light with top coat and slightly older picture, blue reflection is from my screen ^_^ This is from the first day that I made this and you can see that the whole bottle is not really the same color but sometimes  especially when polishes you mix are of different consistencies they need more time to properly mix. Oh explanations are longer than I thought they would be. I have a lot to do today so I better go run :) I hope your Wednesday will be more relaxed than mine :D


  1. merry christmas
    happy holidays friend
    from Turkey

  2. Oh great franken, I love the fact that you decided to make your own since you couldn't find what you wanted in the shops

  3. This is a great color!! I love that it's glossy even without the top coat.

  4. savršena ljubičasta :-D
    ja obavezno ubacim kakvu metalnu kuglicu, mućkanje ide osjetno lakše :-)

  5. Beautiful Purple colour. Merry Christmas.


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