Sunday, December 4, 2011

Degree of blue

 I can't believe that this is just my second gradient manicure, differently colored nails are not something I usually go for. I chose 5 simple polishes that kind of got boring all by themselves but could make an interesting mix. Of course this one is blue <3 p="p">

Polishes I've used, names of all are in the tags so I don't repeat them :)


All the pictures are under artificial light and this and the next one are with top coat

Sorry for the cut on the thumb I don't know where I got it. I think that I caught colors better. I have individual swatches of all polishes except of Blue cura ciao which is almost impossible to capture but I'll try to snap some pictures next time I wear it as a full manicure

And this one is without top coat so the thumb is still matte, but I added a top coat because I wanted them all to have the same finish. Have a nice end of the weekend


  1. Inače volim ombre manikure, sama sam radila ljubičastu a planiram crvenu, plavu i zelenu. Dok skupim još par boja :)

  2. Super kombinacija boja. :) I ja moram nešto takvo napraviti. Sumnjam da imam dovoljno zelenih za ombre manikuru. ;)


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