Friday, December 30, 2011

Bloody Mary Christmas

Sorry for going MIA like this but I got sick and hard disk on my laptop crashed and now all I can do is pray that the technician saves the data I don't have backed up among them photos of my past manis :( Fortunately my thesis is backed up or I would be extremely furious now. but onto the only pics I have now

This was my Christmas mani, red with red and gold glitter, classic colors nothing unexpected but pretty and sparkly

 This one is in shade, and other two are in the sun, and all are with top coat

And close ups so you can see glitter better. This is two coats of Catrice-Bloody Mary to go and glitters are some no name ones. I don't have any Photoscape on this computer so just these plain without the frame ones. These ones are bigger (you can see it when you click on them), do you prefer this size or smaller ones? I hope you have a good time tomorrow night I know I'll be spending mine in bed with lots of hot tea  better luck next year :(


  1. Gorgeous combo!!! Sorry about your computer. I hope they can fix it for you!

  2. get well soon, and have a happy 2012!

  3. Brzo ozdravi i ti i lap :) Meni se isto baš jučer skršio i morala sam ga formatirat. Ništa bitno, al skinut opet svu glazbu... Ogromni posao i gnjavaža :/

    Noktići su super :) Dala si mi ideju što će noćas biti crveno na meni :)

  4. super manikura, volim bling bling, bar u ovo doba godine :-D
    sretna ti nova, što manje boleština kroz nju ti želim... i manje kvarova ;-D

  5. Thank you for all your good wishes I'm much better :D

  6. Krasno izgleda! :)
    Sve najbolje! :)

  7. Super je ovo! Ja mnogo kasnim :shy:

    Sretan Božić i Nova godina :*


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