Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shine through

First of all biggest thank you to all my followers I never thought that there would be this many of you, I love you all <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Now I'm always trying to branch out on the blog but it seems that I always end up mostly on nail polish, so once again ^_^ 

This is one coat of Essence Make it golden over, my favorite grey nail polish Five pocket grey (I'm running out of it so if anybody knows a dupe let me know in the comments), with top coat under artificial light

On my ring finger one coat of Essence Matt top coat, on the rest Crack me black , with top coat

and another picture where you can better see how golden particles shine out through the crackle, without top coat I think. At first I was not sure about this mani but as I kept adding things I realized that I am loving it more and more so now it's not coming off until it's chipped :D


  1. very nice! especially the ring finger :)

  2. super ideja, predobra manikura :-D

  3. Oprosti što ovdje pišem komentar za prošli post, ali bojala sam se da ako ga napišem na prošlom da ga nećeš uopće vidjeti ;) Imam pitanjce gdje si našla kolekciju remix your style? nisam je vidjela u dućanima, pa jesi naručila preko neta ili?

  4. thanks girls :)
    Sirius, u Mulleru na trgu, ali je tamo ekspresno rasprodana, nisam sigurna hoce li dolazit igdje drugo i inace dobijem obavijest za komentare na postovima starijim od 7 dana tako da mi ne promicu :)

  5. Holy cow, that crackle is flawless on that combo!
    Great job, Doxy! :)


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