Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1, 2, 3... and plie

This is kind of late as usual ^_^ but since I don't intend to buy some things for a while I might swatch my whole nail polish collection. This is Grand-plie in black from Essence Ballerina Backstage collection.

Artificial light, no top coat, it's black jelly with small orange glitter, very glossy even on it's own as you can see.

Artificial light with top coat, dries nicely, good texture, sometimes a little patchy application but with a little patience it can be avoided.

If you like black nail polishes this is something that is different enough to keep you interested since it's not a plain old black creme. I'm sorry that lately all my swatches are under artificial light, but there is not much sun around and I usually polish my nails at night so that's the only time I can photograph before I ruin my polish. I hope you like this one :)


  1. A meni se ove fotke baš sviđaju, boja su baš realne. :) Nije moj tip boje koje bi ja nosila, Undead? me nije kupio zato ovoga nisam kupila ja. :))

  2. Dobre su ti fotke :). I mene frustrira to večernje slikanje ali što ćeš...


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