Friday, October 28, 2011

Purple bastard

Well another one that I've been trying to capture right for ages and of course failed to succeed is S-he 384 in old bottles. I'm pretty sure that it's still in sales but I don't know the new number.This is purple with tiny blue and pink shimmer. 

Artificial light with top coat, as you can see my nails are much shorter now, first I shortened them because they were in the way all the time, then some cracked so this is all I have now ^_^ but I'm trying to grow them back again

also artificial with top coat, formula and drying time were ok, now it's older and doesn't dry as quickly as it used to :(

sun, without top coat, as you can see old swatch by the length of my nails. Noticeable brushstrokes but nothing too bad. Why the title of the post, I don't know it seems like appropriate name for this polish :)


  1. OKe su i sad, sviđa mi se ovaj lak, imam ga i nikad ga nisam namazala :facepalm: nekako mi se ne sviđa ovaj finiš, ali moram priznati da lijepo izgleda :)

  2. ahahaha, dobro si ga krstila ;-D
    dobro mi izgleda, podsjeća me na electroniku, color club :-D

  3. O predivan je. Kud još obožavam ljubičaste lakove :D


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