Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello I am an addict

and I am addicted to blue, as this polish name (Blue Addicted) suggests. As you probably already know this is a dupe for Lippman Across the universe and I am thrilled that Essence did this because I don't have18$ for a bottle of polish and this was on my WL for forever.

Artificial lightning, no top coat. On the pictures (except the last one) there are four coats, I know it's a lot but it dries quickly. 

Direct sunlight, with top coat. Multiple layers give a great depth to the polish. 

Shade, with top coat. If you want a nice smooth surface it needs multiple layers of top coat, like most glitters this polish soaks it up. 

One coat layered over two coats of My boyfriends jeans. In the future I'll probably just layer it or it will be gone really quickly. Whatever the case I know that I will buy a couple of bottles of this for back up before they decide to discontinue it like many of their great shades. 


  1. i ja sam ovisnica :-(
    a plava jedna od omiljenih... ovo se zove savršenstvo u bočici ;-D

  2. ja sam ines i vlasnica sam blue addicted i hrpe drugih lakova...i ovisnica..

  3. Super izgleda i ovako sam,ja sam pretpostavila da je rijedak pa ga nisam ni probala samog....

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