Monday, October 17, 2011

Forget me not

No I have not disappeared, I am just lazy, so that explains lack of posts :) I've shot this polish lots of times already and I'm never satisfied with the results. This time they were ok at least there is no tipwear or dents in the polish ^_^

As you can see from the picture this is Forget-me-not from Essence Blossoms etc... limited edition. I am not very happy with this being limited but I have a backup bottle and this one is already half empty :(  

I really like the color but formula is so-so, little drippy for my taste. In all pictures there is a layer of top coat.

On the pictures it loses some purpulness and looks more blue and blue shimmer becomes hardly visible

All pictures except the second one are shot in more or less sunlight and second one is under artificial lightning. So I'm definitely not forgetting all of you and I'll try to post more often than I am now :)


  1. krasna bojica, čak se malo i shimmer vidi... a ja totalno preskočila ovu kolekciju :-(

  2. Žao mi je samo što sam preskočila tu kolekciju ako i NC. Predivne pastelne boje i ja ih nemam :(


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