Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red story

Under a really unique name of 45N hides a gorgeous red polish with silver shimmer. This one is from a last year winter collection Diamonds are a girls... I have a story with this polish and that makes it special for me. I wore it really often last winter.

In shade, no top coat, unfortunately no sun also, winter is coming *chuckles* and probably there will be lot less sunny pictures around :(

I think that on this one the color is pretty realistic. Application and formula of this polish are ok and the brush  is manageable.

Artificial lightning, problem with this polish and with 610W which came out in the same collection is chipping, I can't wear this an hour without chipping, top coat delays the problem a little but not much. No matter what this will again be  one of my holiday polishes I hope there will be more stories with it :)


  1. s problemima ili ne, boja je krasna :-D
    a vidi noktiju ajmeeeeeeeee *.*

  2. je ful su narasli :D toliko da se razmisljam da ih skratim jer mi pomalo smetaju XD

  3. woooow, prekrasna boja! mislim da imam nes slicno, al metalik od nivee beaute. thx na inspiraciji za sljedecu manikuru :))

  4. Super je crvenjava :)
    Baš sexy bojica :)))


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