Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My nails are shorter as I expected but that happens when you do things with your hands other than typing :P First as a base color Alessandro 265

Unfortunately only artificial lightning because I did my nails in the evening and with top coat

Then a coat of Carlo di Roma 115 in shade

Plus a S-he white crackle that turned out to be quite good but you have to put it on really quickly because it dries with speed of light. When I first put it on Essence Love of pink it melted it but that happened with that polish so I think it was an exception. Now back to learning, see you :) 


  1. HAHA S-he ima crackle? Nisam ni znala. :) I stvarno fino popuca! Nice!

  2. Nisem vedela niti jaz za S-he crackle! Pa še dosti bolje poka kot bel od Essence.

  3. she super izgleda, obično bijeli loše popucaju, ovo je odlično

  4. dobro si ovo složila :-D
    nisam vidila s-he crackle ali super puca, 10 klasa bolji od essencea :-)

  5. nekako mi se ne sviđa bijeli crackle, zato bih ja stala na ovoj drugoj slici! Baš super ovaj Carlo di Roma izgleda!

  6. I loved your nails. Beautiful!
    I'm following ....
    Visit and also follow
    (false Eyelashes xoxo)
    Kisses from Brazil

  7. Da eto izbacili su crni i bijeli crackle i dobro pucaju ako ih jakobrzo naneses, ali bar bijeli je los za frankene, probala sam u njega ubacit crni essence i sad imam sivi lak koji malo napukne tu i tamo ako mu se svidi :(

  8. It looks super nice. I especially like the Carlo di Roma polish.


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