Sunday, August 7, 2011

Try to cheat and you'll die

This babe is also going away in autumn :( it is Essence-Can't cheat on me

Smooth silvery shimmer that has some holo effect in the sun, but I really like how it looks in the shade

This is four coats and no top coat, unfortunately it's very sheer, but 3 coats is ok if you can bear a little of visible nail line

You see how this beauty comes alive in the sun <3

Formula is very good, brush is standard c&g brush

It's not really a holo but it's not bad either just don't try to cheat us (like wit "holos" that are really duochrome ^_^) I've put a crackle on top of this polish but I think that another picture would be too much if I can get some good pictures I'll show it to you some other time :)


  1. Čudno! Meni su dva sloja bila skroz dovoljna! Prekrasno se maže lak i čak mu ni ne treba tc jer se sam super sjaji! Bas mi je prekrasan :)

  2. Mnogo je lijep. Liči mi na CC Worth the risque, koji je malo više holo.

  3. holo je baš diskretan ali meni se lak baš sviđa :-D
    i ne mogu vjerovat da sam ga i ja jučer nalakirala ;-p

  4. divan lak, ja nikad ne naletim na takve..


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