Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stripes, blue of course

I know that there's a lot of blue on the blog these days, but I must show you my second first tape mani  and since the last post was Blue my mind I thought it would be nice to continue with it.

Middle color is Chuck and top is Hip queens wear blue jeans, this is the only picture that I have in the sun and  there is no top coat on this one

Shade with top coat, I know my lines aren't perfectly straight and parallel but it will come with practice I hope

A mani like this needs a lot of work but I really love the result. I hope you are not tired with blue around here 'cause I'm not for sure ^_^


  1. Koji je ovo najsvjetliji plavi ? :)

  2. e ovo super zgleda, bas je ljetno! :)

  3. Andrea Blue my mind iz proslog posta :)
    pop slazem se :)

  4. svaka čast, fantastično si ovo odradila :-D
    šta se mene tiče, nastavi ti s plavcima, meni se sviđaju ;-)

  5. Uuuu, odlični! Čista petica! :D

    Btw, na ovo sam naletila i sjetila se tebe:

  6. odlično izvedeno i prekrasno izgleda


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