Sunday, August 14, 2011

GG, but this time it is Gossip girl

I've already shown you this polish but now I'm posting a full swatch+something new. Nail polish is Essence-Chuck

In shade, no top coat, two coats but pretty opaque

Sun, also no top coat, formula is a bit drippy but better that than that it becomes too thick too soon, drying time was ok

Now paired up with it's twin Blair which is grey chunky glitter with smaller holo glitter

I couldn't properly catch holo particles and I think that they best come out in artificial lighting. I love this combo just as I like the pair from the series. I can't wait for it to start again but I'll try to be patient. Which is your guilty pleasure series?


  1. Jako mi se sviđa kombinacija,Blair mi je prekrasna,baš zbog svojih sivo crnih glittera ;))

  2. super kombinacija :-D
    morat ću opet u shopping :-(

  3. Blair!:D ps. tebi sve boje na nokrima super stoje. :D

  4. Predivna kombinacija, obožavam Blair! A tek noktići... Milina. :)


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