Friday, August 5, 2011

Do you need a splash?

Slight picture spam today :) it's my favorite light teal. It's Splash refresh by Essence in this summers LE Sun club Bondi beach collection

Unfortunately this one was available only in Muller, but I think that Tryin' to be cool from Multidimension line (also Essence and also soon discontinued) is a dupe

These two in the middle are taken in the sun, you see the polish is a cream, no shimmer of any kind

Application of the polish was great, drying time to I like the formula it's not too thin nor too thick

This one and the first picture are taken in the shade, I think that color on the pictures is pretty close maybe little less green than it should be (you know camera eats up green and purple :)). In conclusion I like this one very much and it was pretty long lasting it survived even going to the beach. I don't know exact wear time because I always remove them after a day or to of wear so I can paint another great color :)


  1. Jaaaako su ti lijepi nokti! Super je lakić! Ja ne mogu prežalit tirkizni tuš iz te kolekcije, a nije se pojavila u dmu :(

  2. jooooj krasna boja, moram imati hihih


  3. krasna boja, fantastični nokti O_o

  4. prelep ti je blog , odmah sam se narucila :)

  5. hvala cure :) ne znam zasto dm ili kozmo nisu dobili ovo, a bas je dobra kolekcija pogotovo ti tusevi koji su vodootporni


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