Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pearly blue

Well let's try this english thing, to be honest I need some practice for the future :) As I've said yesterday, today I have a manicure for you. Nail polish on the pictures is Butterfly Ashanti 326. 

This is in the shade and it's three coats, but especially for the pictures fourth would be better and I think there would be no visible nail line

Also shade, no topcoat

This one and next one are in direct sunlight.

At first I didn't like this polish but after few applications I like it very much, also the downside is that the smell is awful, pretty color but 3-4 coats and bad smell I can't say that it's a winner. This is a shade for the summer and with topcoat it had a pretty good wear time considering swimming and rest of the fun stuff :)


  1. Ashanti :)
    Volim tu pjevačicu :)
    Ima li ona kakve veze s ovom markom? Nisam čula za nju.
    Baš je lijepa plava, više mi se sviđa u sjeni, izgleda skoro kao foil :)

  2. rekla bih da nema, trazila sam po internetu nesto o njima, ali nema nista pametno, znam da ih se moze nabavit u soveniji, ja sam ga dobila na giveawayu od Fleur, a iako na slikama izgleda ko foil ipak nije, vise baca na sedef

  3. nisam ti ja baš za sedefaste lakove, ali boja nije loša :-D


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