Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best Blog Award

Ne mogu rec bas da sam ljubitelj tagova i najcesce zaboravim na njih, ali kako vas u zadnje vrijeme spammam postovima (doduse manje nego sto bi htjela ^_^ ) onda rekoh da idem i odradit ovo. Ulmiel je glavni krivac za ovo -_- :D Ovo dole ostaje na engleskom jer mi se ne da prevodit, nego usput da pitam jel mozda ima onih koji bi radije da pisem na engleskom? U zadnje vrijeme cesto razmisljam o tome. 

The rules for this one are:- Link back to the person who passed you the award
- Complete the form below
- Share 7 random things about yourself
- Award 10 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it 

Name your favorite color:
I'd say blue now but that changes often
Name your favorite song:  
Oh this is really a hard one, right now I'd say Bajaga-Bademi i so
Name your favorite dessert: 
Chocolate ice cream
What makes you mad? 
Stupid and cruel people
When you’re upset you… :  
Listen to music, or go walking somewhere
Your favorite pet? 
I've never had a pet and probably never will but I like cats 
Black or white? 
Your biggest fear is?
Pain I can handle pretty much of it but I fear it
Your best feature is? 
My brain ^_^
Everyday attitude: 
Go, be, do.
What is perfection? 
Certain moments are perfection it cannot be a constant thing, perfection is a feeling, like happiness when you are with the person you love, excitation of expecting something great to come...
Guilty Pleasure: 
Nail polish, cosmetics in general, ice cream7 random things about me
  1. I will need rehab from G.R.R. Martin at the end of the summer, maybe even earlier since I'm reading superfast
  2. I can dive some 10 meters deep :D it used to be more but I don't have enough practice these days. 
  3. I hate green, well maybe not hate but really really dislike.
  4. I never learned to ride a bycicle
  5. I hate shoe shopping almost all shoes are too ugly or too expensive for me
  6. I have one exam till my masters degree yay :)
  7.  I never used a bronzer in my life 
I tag everyone who likes to write this kind of thing. It looks like there is no nails today again but I promise I have something for you tomorrow :)


  1. čestitam!
    piši na kojem god jeziku hoćeš, meni je, vjerovala ili ne, lakše na engleskom nego na hrvatskom ;-)

  2. Ni ja ne znam voziti biciklo :(

  3. Fino, da si napisala, volim ćitati tagove. :) A za jezik, kako će ti bit lakše. Meni je puno bolje pisati na engleskom. :)


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